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epa07570077 A peek into the medieval business of Torsten W. in Hachenburg, Germany, 14 Mai 2019. The shopkeeper is one of the victims who died after a shot from a crossbow. German police investigates the deaths of three people shot with crossbow arrows on 12 May. Two more bodies were found on 13 May believed to be connected to the crossbows arrow victims. EPA/THORSTEN WAGNER

"평생의 동반자가 되어줘"..치매로 기억 잃은 남성, 아내에게 청혼해 '두 번째' 결혼식
Poland Storm Deaths
Canada LPGA Tour Golf
IAEA "북한, 영변 핵연료봉 6000개 꺼냈을 가능성"
2020년 건강보험료율 인상률 3.2%로 결정
담적병, 만성위축성위염·장상피화생 원인..치료방법은?
의사들의 잇따른 산재 인정, 앞으로 쉬워질까
"뇌수술하려면 무조건 삭발? 안 해도 무방"